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What is the aim?

  • The aim of this challenge is to encourage young people to try speak Irish non stop for one whole day: 24 hours: at home, at school, in shops and businesses, around the town, in sports clubs and with friends!

  • This challenge will help to open the minds of young people and allow them to experience the Irish language in a unique and positive way.

  • Gaeilge24 has grown to become the most exciting nationwide school event of the first school term. Thousands will be taking part again this year. We hope to have over 300 schools and 30,000 students taking part in 2019.


Why should our school take part?

  • The Oral Exam - Particular emphasis on speaking Irish
    Gaeilge24 will help any senior student preparing for the Irish oral examination (which is now 40% of the total marks for the Leaving Certificate). A whole day of speaking Irish will help improve their fluency and confidence.
  • A living language - Outside of the classroom
    Gaeilge24 provides a unique opportunity to take the Irish language out of the classroom. Other subjects could be taught through Irish. Sports days or school tours in Irish could be organised.
  • Normalisation of the Irish language - Outside of school
    Through linking with local shops and businesses with Irish, local Irish language community groups, state services through Irish. This campaign can show how anybody can live their lives through Irish. Help the Environment There is an extra reason to register this year, a positive campaign to help the environment. Profits from Gaeilge24 will go towards ‘Friends of the Earth’. 

What do the students get to help them on the day?
We are asking every pupil to raise €10/£9 for the charity Friends of the Earth.
Every pupil will get the pack below. We will send the packages to the school a week before the challenge.

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How many students / tshirts?
Schools of any size can take part - some schools registered 500+ pupils last year, while other schools had 10 students taking on the challenge. A single class, or even the whole school can register for Gaeilge 24!

There is no need to send on final details and numbers for t-shirts just yet. It would be better to register now and send all of the details to us before the 25th of October 2019.

The package will be sent to the school a week before the challenge, including "Labhair Gaeilge Liom (Speak Irish to me)" stickers for other teachers in the school.


Feedback from 2018
A survey was sent to every school taking part in 2018. You can see some of the answers and suggestions below:
(Click on the image below to see a bigger version)

"The pupils thoroughly enjoyed the day. They found it easier than expected to speak Irish for the whole day and this encouraged them to use the language more after Gaeilge 24."

"A brilliant opportunity for pupils to take use the language naturally instead of leaving it in the classroom, it was a great success." Áine Ní Fhlatharta, Coláiste an Chreagáin

"It was well worth taking on the challenge. As another teacher said, it created a different enjoyable atmosphere all round the school. What more could you ask for on a dull gloomy November day?"

"A nice simple idea to encourage students to speak Irish around the college. This created a nice Irish atmosphere which gives us hope for the future of the language." Clodagh Ní Éilí, Cumann Gaelach, St. Patrick's College (Drumcondra)


10 Ideas for the teacher:

  1. Put together a timetable for the day with various Irish language activities and events happening throughout the school  
  2. Design a banner and posters for the school about the day's events
  3. Give a sticker to every teacher who speaks Irish
  4. Have an official launch in the school and invite a local guestspeaker 
  5. Inform local radio stations that your school is participating in the challenge
  6. Organise a tour or a sports day in Irish or record a music video in Irish
  7. Organise games in Irish, such as Scrabble, Countdown or Hangman
  8. Sing a song in Irish in the town centre.
  9. Hand out leaflets with useful Irish language phrases to local shops and to parents. Explain that everybody has a role in the completion of the challenge (pupils can select shops as a project/ homework in the weeks leading up to the challenge)
  10. Team up with other schools who are also taking part in the challenge - skype in Irish


Where does the profit go?

This year profits from Gaeilge24 will be going towards Friends of the Earth.
Friends of the Earth is a community of people committed to tackling the biggest environmental justice issues we face, from plastic pollution to climate breakdown. We hope you will join in, in fact we need you to join in. We need system change to save our future.
We need everyone, to change everything.
All monies raised after €8.50 / £8 per student will go directly towards Friends of the Earth to help in their campaigns. We have highlighted 3 particular campaigns funding will go towards:

Solar schools
We want every school in Ireland to become a Solar School in the next 10 years. Friends of the Earth are working with schools showing them how to lead on climate action and power themselves with clean, free electricity generated right from their rooftop. In 2019 we are helping 5 schools to go solar. In the coming year we will help 26!

Sick of plastic
As well as urging the Government to take action on plastic, the campaign pushes supermarkets to reduce the amount of plastic packaging they use. We're drowning in plastic we don't want or need and it's damaging our environment, our oceans and our wildlife.

Generation zero
The generation of young people born since the late 1990s, dubbed Gen Z in popular culture, have become leaders in cutting our climate pollution towards Zero, they lead the struggle to stop climate change destroying their future. Friends of the Earth offers training, courses and support to these new waves of activists as they plan actions, set up groups and organize longer term campaigns.


This year, for the first time, a different package will be available for primary schools as well as additional support to help teachers:
1. A new phrasebook aimed specifically at primary school students
2. 3 sample plans for the entire school day
3. A sample Tráth na gCeist/Table quiz
4. A sample letter to send home to parents about the day
5. Useful phrases for school staff, parents at home and local shops
6. Links to films and music, steps for the céilí as well as other useful resources

  • Register Here 2018

How do I register?

You can register by clicking on this link ....
If you do not yet have all the details, you can fill out the form and confirm the extra details with us before Thursday 24/10/19 

Contact us to confirm numbers or with any queries: +353 (0)1 4757401 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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