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Our place-names tradition is at the core of our shared heritage here, giving us an insight into the history and landscape of our local area. It is thought that around 95% of our place-names come from the Irish language and thus they represent a key pathway to learning more about the language. As a development of our Ár dTeanga Chomhroinnte Project, the People and Place Project focuses on the hidden history and heritage within our place-names, as we work towards mutual understanding and respect for our culture, heritage and shared spaces. This project is supported by The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. 

There are four primary strands to this project:

  • Ár dTeanga Roinnte: Bunús, Éabhlóid agus Forbairt na GaeilgeThe development of a bilingual book which explores our place-names tradition and gives examples of place-names according to seven different themes;
  • Raising awareness of the linguistic origin of our local place-names, particularly amongst the 9-14 age group through workshops in schools across the province of Ulster;
  • Raising awareness of the linguistic origin of our local place-names amongst adults, especially through workshops with community groups across the province of Ulster;
  • The launch of the People & Place Podcast Series which discusses our local place-names tradition with subject experts.

The People & Place Book

You can access and download this project’s book People & Place: Ár Logainmneacha, Ár gCeantair Chomhroinnte here.

People & Place Video Series:

Físeán Ár Logainmneacha

Video 1: Our Shared Placenames in Doire


More than 2,000 students took part in workshops as part of this project between January and June 2022.

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People & Place Podcast Series

You can listen to all our new People & Place Podcast Series by clicking on the links in the table below:


Eagrán Achoimre Nasc

Episode: 1: Your Place, Your Space with Prof. Mícheál Ó Mainnín

In this episode Professor Mícheál Ó Mainnín gives us an overview of the place-names tradition, describes the various languages hidden within our local place-names and highlights the link between a person and their place. Anseo

Eagrán 2: Bealach an Chlocháin: Ó Dhoire go Dún Sobhairce leis an Dr. Niall Comer

San eagrán seo, téimid ar thuras thart ar Bhealach an Chlocháin leis an Dr. Niall Comer. Tugann sé léargas dúinn ar stair agus ar thábhacht na logainmneacha ó Dhoire go Dún Sobhairce.  Anseo
Episode 3: Naming the North Coast: Antrim and the Glens In this episode, Dr. Frances Kane tells us about the importance of ‘home’, mythical places found on the North Coast, and the linguistic diversity seen in our local place-names. Anseo
Eagrán 4: Logainmneacha Lár Uladh San eagrán seo, beidh muid ag caint le Déaglán Ó Doibhlin faoi logainmneacha Lár Uladh, tábhacht na nguthanna áitiúla agus scéalta sna logainmneacha.  Anseo
Episode 5: Townlands and the Oral Tradition In this episode, Úna Walsh tells us about the importance of using our local townland names, and how they hold stories of the people, landscape and mythology within them. Anseo
Eagrán 6: Logainmneacha agus Sloinnte na hÉireann  

San eagrán seo, labhraíonn Dr. Kay Muhr, údar an leabhair ‘The Oxford Dictionary of Family Names of Ireland’ faoin taithí atá aici ag déanamh taighde ar thraidisiún na logainmneacha anseo, agus an nasc láidir idir sloinnte agus logainmneacha na hÉireann.

Episode 7: Shared Space: The Role of Place-Names in Ulster In this episode, we listen to Linda Ervine, Úna Walsh, Dr. Niall Comer and Dr. Frances Kane as they discuss the value and importance of celebrating our place-names tradition, as well as the future role of place-names in uniting communities here.  Anseo





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