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Registration for 2022 closed
Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to request to make changes/ register late

300 Schools- 30,000 Students
One whole day - Gaeilge non stop
Is your school registered???

Our main event for the first school term Gaeilge24 is back again! A fantastic challenge for your class, your school year or indeed the whole school to enjoy. Register early to get your sponsorship cards sent to the school within a few days.

Register Here

What is the aim?

  • The aim of this challenge is to encourage young people to try speak Irish non-stop for one whole day, 24 hours: at home, at school, in shops and businesses, around the town, in sports clubs and with friends!
  • This challenge will help to open the minds of young people and allow them to experience the Irish language in a unique and positive way.
  • Gaeilge24 has grown to become the most exciting nationwide school event of the first school term. Thousands will be taking part again this year. With many schools already registered we hope to have over 300 schools and 30,000 students taking part in 2022.

Why should our school take part?

  • The Oral Exam - Particular emphasis on speaking Irish
    Gaeilge24 will help any senior student preparing for the Irish oral examination (which is now 40% of the total marks for the Leaving Certificate). A whole day of speaking Irish will help improve their fluency and confidence.
  • A living language - Outside of the classroom
    Gaeilge24 provides a unique opportunity to take the Irish language out of the classroom. Other subjects could be taught through Irish. Sports days or school tours in Irish could be organised.
  • Normalisation of the Irish language - Outside of school
    Speaking Irish is normalised by linking with local shops and businesses with Irish, local Irish language community groups, and state services through Irish. This campaign shows how anybody can live their lives through Irish.
  • Gaeilge24 won't be affected by Covid-19Coronav
    We understand that a lot of events, tours & days out could be cancelled this year due to Covid-19 but Gaeilge24 can continue without any problems. In the unfortunate event that restrictions are in place in your own school around the time of Gaeilge24, the day can be rescheduled for any other school day, simply let us know.

What do the students get to help them on the day?
We are asking each student to raise €10/£9 for the charity.
Every student who is collecting money will get the package below.
The package

Timeline- How to Register?
1. Register early here!
As soon as you are registered we will send you a package with sponsorship cards and posters for your school. This will give you some more time to work out how many students want to take part. Don’t worry if you haven’t got all the information now, we will confirm everything with you before the due date; October 26th 2022

2. How many students?
We recommend ordering more cards than you think you’ll need, in case you run out. Schools, whether big or small, can take part - some schools registered with 500+ students last year, and some other schools only had 30 students! A single class could register for Gaeilge24, or the whole school could take part!

3. Hand out the sponsorship cards
A package with sponsorship cards and posters will arrive in the post a few days after registration. Hand out the sponsorship cards to the students that expressed interest or to the entire school if you’d prefer. Assign them a due date to let you know what size t-shirt they want. NB. It is a lot harder to receive money from students once the day is over.

4. Confirm numbers with us
Make sure to confirm the number of students before October 26th. We will order the t-shirts and packages then. You can do this by emailing us or contacting us by phone.

5. When will the t-shirts / packages arrive?
We will order the packages at the start of the mid-term break when we have received the last order. We will send the packages by courier a week before the challenge is set to begin. Every package should be received between 9th-11th November. “Labhair Gaeilge liom inniu” stickers will be included in the package for the other teachers in the school.

6. Payment and certificates
The money collected doesn’t have to be sent on until the end of November. When payment is received we will send a receipt to you with the certificates.


This year, Gaeilge24 is focusing on wellbeing. Taking care of yourself is so important, especially for young people, from exercise to mindfulness, to ensure you’re in full health.

We have put together a programme for the day - tutorial videos made especially for Gaeilge24, that you can watch with your classes. We also have put together a list of suggested activities and games which you can tackle yourselves in your own time.

  • Morning - Gaeilge24 HIIT Session (10 min), 09:15 or a time that suits you
    Gaeilge24 HIIT Session

    Kickstart the day of Gaeilge24 with a HIIT session! Spend 10 minutes moving your body first thing in the morning to wake the students (and yourself!) up and set them up for the day. Get the blood flowing! Join us at 9:15 or use the prerecorded video at another time that suits you.
  • Wellness Workshop - DT Wellbeing (15 min), 10.30 or a time that suits you
    Link- Wellbeing workshop with DT Wellbeing

    This workshop focuses on personal training for the mind and body. Listen to Daniel speaking about stress reduction and how to look after yourself in today’s world. A few daily practices that make a big difference in a person’s life!
  • Table Quiz LIVE  for Secondary Schools - (30 min) - 11:30
    There'll be an interactive live table quiz online at 11:30 suitable for those taking part at second level, with prizes to be won! The quiz will be done through a webinar using, where you will be able to see and hear us while we ask the questions but we will not be able to see or hear you. 

    We will be presenting the quiz through Zoom with students taking part interactively via Each student will need to have their own device (phone, tablet or computer) to answer questions- students will be taking part by themselves and not in teams. More than one teacher from any school can register to show the webinar in various classrooms Teachers must register their class in advance here

     If you’d prefer to organize your own quiz at a different time sample questions will be available here on the morning of the 14th of November: 

  • Lunch - Yoga (9 min), 13:00 or a time that suits you
    Yoga link

    Listen to your body. Take our 9 minute Yoga class as Gaeilge - it’s said that yoga can reduce stress, sleeping problems and anxiety, and that it can increase energy levels. Be sure to pair it with healthy lunch to ensure a wholesome lunch break. As this will be a prerecorded video, you have the freedom to decide what time suits you to  watch it with your class.

  • Afternoon - Meditation Class (12 min), 14:00 or a time that suits you
    Link- Meditation Class

    Relax and release any stress or pressure with a soothing session - a meditation class. Gentle music, breathing exercises, counting - this is a session suitable for everyone. 

    If you’d prefer to do your own meditation class and read a script aloud to your class, there is be a meditation script available at this link.

  • End of the day- Wellbeing Tips  (10 min), 15:00 or a time that suits you
    10 Wellbeing Tips to help live a better life, with thanks to @MALL_Ireland
    MALL_Ireland have more mindfullness and wellbeing videos on their youtube channell here:
    Box Breathing (4 minutes) | Body scan (8 minutes) | Deep Breathing (4 minutes)

  • Raidió Rí-Rá live on FM for Gaeilge24

    Raidió Rí-Rá will be doing a special live broadcast around the country on 14-16 November - on the radio in Dublin, Limerick, Cork and Galway and on anywhere! We would love for you to take part by sending us messages and request on social media using the hashtag #RRRfm. Your schools name and message will be read out on air.

A full list of the events and suggested activities, along with links to the videos will be sent closer to the event.

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Feedback from 2021
A survey was sent to every school taking part in 2021. You can see some of the answers and suggestions below:
(Click on the image below to see a bigger version)



Would you like to say a few words about Gaeilge24?

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Charity- Where do the profits go?
Any profits made from the campaign this year will go towards our efforts to promote and support the Irish language. Conradh na Gaeilge is a registered charity: Charity Number RCN 20003869. This year Gaeilge24 will specifically help:

Gaeilge4All:  A campaign we started last year to strengthen and defend the Irish language in our education system and to ensure that every student can have a positive, meaningful and fulfilling Irish language learning experience from preschool to third level. So far we have 12,000 signatures and are hoping to continue putting pressure on the government.

GaeltachtX: Unfortunately summer colleges were cancelled again this year but we created a Gaeltacht experience for teenagers online called Gaeltacht X. We created a range of fun and exciting content for young people to keep the Irish language as a key part of their lives during the summer.


We hope to build on the events we have started to train second level students. We will be organising Training Sessions for Secondary School Irish Officers in conjunction with ADIÉ / ISSU.

Our second Ard-Fheis na nÓg took place in Ros Muc in February 2020 before Covid. We hope to continue growing and developing while planning Ard-Fheis na nÓg 2022.


Conradh na Gaeilge are continuing our campaign to encourage musicians to sing as Gaeilge. We are working on the nextCEOL album and are keeping Raidió Rí-Rá live on air 24/7 with the hope to be live on FM in the future.

We are linked with another charity; can we still take part?
A lot of schools are linked with various charities. You can organise the Gaeilge24 day to fundraise for those charities also.  In this case we ask you to cover the cost of the packages first and any extra funds raised can be used to go towards another charity. Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to explore this option.



10 Ideas for the teacher:

  1. Put together a timetable for the day with various Irish language activities and events happening throughout the school  
  2. Take part in the Wellbeing events planned for the day or organise your own events
  3. Design a banner and posters for the school about the day's events
  4. Give a sticker to every teacher who speaks Irish
  5. Have an official launch in the school and invite a local guest speaker 
  6. Inform local radio stations that your school is participating in the challenge
  7. Organise a tour or a sports day in Irish, or record a music video in Irish
  8. Organise games in Irish, such as Scrabble, Countdown or Hangman
  9. Hand out leaflets with useful Irish language phrases to local shops and to parents. Explain that everybody has a role in the completion of the challenge (pupils can select shops as a project/ homework in the weeks leading up to the challenge)
  10. Team up with other schools who are also taking part in the challenge - Zoom in Irish

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Primary Schools

This year, a different package will be available for primary schools as well as additional support to help teachers:
1. A new phrasebook aimed specifically at primary school students
2. 3 sample plans for events on the day
3. Sample Table Quiz for the day
4. Sample letter for parents about the day
5. Useful phrases for all the teachers in school, parents and to use with local shops/shopkeepers

How do I register?
You can register by clicking on this link ....
If you do not yet have all the details, you can fill out the form and confirm the extra details with us before Wednesday 26/10/22 

Contact us to confirm numbers or with any queries: +353 (0)1 4757401 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Videos from last year about Gaeilge24

Extra resources

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Conradh na Gaeilge

6 Harcourt Street, Dublin 2.
Phone: +353 (0) 1 475 7401, Fax: +353 (0) 1 475 7844, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.