Cumann Gaelach Constitutions at Third Level

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It is good practice for a Cumann Gaelach at third level to have a constitution, which sets out aims, rules, roles and other important things clearly and definitively. Societies often require a constitution to receive official recognition in college, and we too recommend that our third level branches maintain an up-to-date constitution.

What is a constitution?
A constitution is made up of a list of articles. Each article has a specific rule on a particular aspect for the running of the society, grouped under specific headings. In general, the constitution should fully describe the aims and purpose of the society, how the society should be run by the committee, as well as procedural aspects and responsibilities to the members. 

Why should we have a constitution?
The constitution is a tool that directs the activities of the society in the short and long term, as well as being a guide in the work of the society. It ensures that newly elected officers know what they have to do in their jobs, as well as what rules they have to follow and what goals they should have. The constitution is also useful as a reference tool in the event of disagreement over the running of the society. This could happen if there is an argument between committee members, or if ordinary members are unhappy with the way the society is being run. 

Changing the Constitution
There are times when constitutional changes will be needed. This could happen if the ​​work of the society had developed (for example, if the association had set up a website, it would be necessary to put site maintenance under one of the officer roles, or to add a technology officer, and set out rules for the running of the site), or if the constitution fails to meet the needs of the association (for example, if the constitution is not sufficient to resolve disagreement, or if the constitution contradicts itself due to changed circumstances).

Constitutions for Cumainn Ghaelacha
Below are some constitutions from our current branches. We cannot guarantee that these are accurate or up to date, and there may have been changes since this list was compiled. This is not intended to be an accurate source, but instead it can be used to compare between colleges, and to give an idea as to what makes up a constitution to new societies who’d like to write one themselves. 

We’d like to add to this list in the future, so if your own society constitution is not listed here, do get in touch.

Cumann Gaelach TCD - BunreachtTCD.pdf
Cuallacht na Gaeilge, Má Nuad -BunreachtMáNuad.pdf
Cumann Gaelach UCD -Bunreacht
An Chuallacht, UCCBunreacht_Chuallacht_UCC.pdf

Below are some resources that can be used to write a constitution, or as a reference tool where a society wants to update or develop a constitution. Our Third Level co - ordinator is always happy to help - contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Sample Constitution to useBunreacht_Samplach.docx

Other Sources
Treoir Bhunreachta, Cumann Mac Léinn Ollscoil Dhún Éideann - Constitution-Template-version-1.doc
Bunreacht Samplach Choláiste na hOllscoile, Corcaigh - New-Societies-Sample-Constitution_1.docx
Bunreacht Samplach, Lár-Choiste na gCumann, Coláiste na Tríonóide - Sample-Constitution-2013.docx

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